Elemental Feminine~ The Village Series

Feminine EMBODIMENT workshop

Private studio in Heber, Utah

Cleaning tHe Village, April 8th, 1pm-7pm- complete

Sweeping the Village, june 24th, 1PM-7PM-COMPLETE

Celebrating the village, july 29th, 1pm-7pm

  • Specific location will be provided after registration
  • Limited to the first ~25 women to keep it an intimate affair.
  • Attendance at all 3 workshops is desirable but not required. Attendees must be able to attend all 6 hours of the individual workshops.

Workshop Registration

Price for 1 Workshop


*Charges will appear from Shades of Intimacy, LLC. Cost includes dinner.

As we unfurl into Spring and Summer there is a desire to begin picking through and picking up the strewn about parts of ourselves that have been closely, perhaps intensely, scrutinized over the introspective winter months. We settle into the "village", our own bodies, with both the fruit and the carcasses that came out to play or lay during the winter. And now comes the time of the cleaning, a reorganizing, the work of mending the rent fabric and allowing a new and totally different tapestry to be woven.

If you are ready to begin the slow and mindful practice of cleaning, sweeping, and celebrating the village, please join us for our 3-part series.

Cleaning the Village (April 8th)- COMPLETE

Sweeping the Village (June 24th)-COMPLETE

Celebrating the Village (July 29th)




  • You must be over 18 years of age to attend.
  • Dress to move.  This is an embodiment practice. 
  • Please bring your own yoga mat, blankets, and pillows to use during the day.
  • Dinner will be provided. If you have specific dietary restrictions, contact Jennie at http://www.jenniestanchfield.com/contact/








About Jennie Stanchfield

Jennie Stanchfield has spent years learning to explore and express the full feminine essence though practices that are physical, sensual, passionate, artful, expressive, and heart expanding. She has practiced and lived life in devotion to the universal forces within her and she loves to show women the power of their elemental feminine and healing quality of their passion. She uses embodied practices to support you in expressing emotions that have been bottled up, judged, or restricted, blocking your forward progression. She believes that finding appropriate ways to express the full range of the feminine is essential for living a healthy and balanced life.