Elemental Feminine Weekend~ Limitless

Feminine EMBODIMENT workshop


Private studio in Heber Utah

October 11th, 12th, 13th (FRIDAY EVE, SATURDAY, SUNDAY)

  • Specific location will be provided after registration

  • Limited to the first ~30 women to keep it an intimate affair.

  • PLEASE PLAN ON ATTENDING THE ENTIRE EVENT. If that is not possible feel free to contact Jennie to explore future events.

  • Friday- Registration 5:30 PM; Workshop 6:00 PM to ~10:00 PM

  • Saturday- 9:00 AM- ~10:00 PM

  • Sunday- 9:00 AM- ~7:00 PM

  • Cost of the event does not include food and lodging


apply here

 If you have already attended a workshop or had coaching with Jennie you do not need to apply. Please email her using the form through the Contact page.

Led by Jennie Stanchfield

The Elemental Feminine Women's Workshop is a deep dive into the embodied nature of the powerful feminine force inside each one of us. It is an invitation for women to discover and uncover their true nature in relation to themselves, their intimate partner, family, friends, business, and world. At times it is a reversal of an "culturated" approach to life and a return to the wild and woolly beastess that drives our desires, dreams, and ever-pounding heart.

  • Intrigued by the idea of embodying your powerful feminine essence?

  • Do you have a sense that you have magick running right below the surface but you don't know how to access the flow?

  • Do you have a deep yearning for something more in your life's expression?

  • Are you tired of being afraid or avoiding your greatest gifts and desires?

...THEN the women at the elemental feminine weekend are calling you home.


During the weekend we will:

  • Embrace and embody your full feminine expression.

  • Remind yourself that the feminine is your power source.

  • Practice a heart-connected exploration into hidden emotion and the dark feminine.

  • Uncover disowned aspects of your elemental feminine.

  • Soften and dissolve closures.

  • Feel what you need to press into next to give your gifts fully.


  • You must be over 18 years of age to attend.

  • Dress to move. This is an embodiment practice.

  • Please bring your own yoga mat, blankets, and pillows to use during the day.

  • There will be breaks both days, including a lunch and dinner break. Practices may be assigned during these breaks that will require you to be present with a smaller group of women.

  • Please be prepared to attend the entire weekend. Because of the structure and flow of the weekend we need all participants to drop in for all 2.2 days.

About Jennie Stanchfield

Jennie Stanchfield has spent over a decade learning to explore and express the full feminine essence though practices that are physical, sensual, passionate, artful, expressive, and heart expanding. She has practiced and lived life in devotion to the universal forces within her and she loves to show women the power of their elemental feminine and healing quality of their passion. She uses embodied practices to support you in expressing emotions that have been bottled up, judged, or restricted, blocking your forward progression. She believes that finding appropriate ways to express the full range of the feminine is essential for living a healthy and balanced life.