Jennie has a number of allies in her work including her husband, Jason Smith. Known as The Chef of Enlightenment in his practice, Jason brings a wide range of  experiences, skills and sanity to the offering when teaching an integrated approach to men’s work and sexual yoga for couples and individuals in intimacy. In any work with him you may see the influence of some of these skills: Taoist Sexual Alchemy, Kundalini Tantra, Tai Chi, Qigong, Jeet Kune Do,  Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Philosophy (background in Existentialism, Religion, Contemplative Studies, Eastern Wisdom) Psychology (specialized Cognitive Therapy, Couples Personal Therapy, and Neuroscience), NLP, Numerology and Divination (Tarot, Astronomicon), Peruvian Shamanism, and Chaos Ritual Magic.

He has raised three magical children, farmed alfalfa, raised horses, bobcats, cougars, African lions and a host of family dogs and cats. He cooks, writes and paints. 

He is married to Jennifer Stanchfield, who specializes in Embodied Women’s Practices and is a fellow practitioner in Chaos Ritual Magic among other things.


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Another of Jennie's close allies is professional psychic and author, Suzanne Wagner. Suzanne has taught classes for 20 plus years and has published books on tarot, numerology, palmistry, channeling, and relationships. Her books, Integral Tarot and Integral Numerology have expanded the face of metaphysics worldwide. Suzanne has also traveled the globe immersing herself in various lineages of feminine embodied practice. She has a true gift in distilling this knowledge for women as they step into their authentic feminine power.