Jennie Stanchfield was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Early on she began to understand the subtle and powerful energy that ran beneath even seemingly mundane things. She began working with energy and intuitive magick even before she knew it was magick. At the age of 30, Jennie met the love of her life, Jason, and the journey was never the same. Jennie was welcomed into a beautiful family including Jason's three children. They also opened their home to a motley fur-family. As their relationship evolved, Jennie and Jason continued to dive into the study of yogic, tantric, and magick practices. 

Jennie works with both women and couples to ease fears,  deepen love, and amplify passion. Jennie has a particular gift in the realms of energetics and embodied practice, and believes that the body holds essential wisdom that is often disregarded, avoided, or remains hidden under the noise of everyday life.